News on Becoming the VFW Auxiliary 
Thank you for your patience as we have compiled as much information and answers as we could during this time. Below are documents to help you all make this transition as smooth as possible.
A packet will be mailed to every Auxiliary nationwide with 3 sheets of membership cards (please use these moving forward) and all the documents below with an asterisk next to them. In addition, all these documents will be available behind login under Officers Tools.
We ask that you distribute this information to your membership. You may even forward this entire email to them.
The new emblem will be available in the Emblem Branding Center behind login by end of day Monday, August 24, 2015.
Please note: All Departments, Districts, County Councils and Auxiliaries will eventually receive new Charters. Be aware that this will be a lengthy process. All current Charters may be retained by each level for historical purposes and need not be returned to National Headquarters. Each Department will receive a package with all the Charters for their state for distribution.
Here is the information you need:
Revised Membership Application* [Please use this application moving forward. We will let you know when the nice brochure version is ready for order.]

Please read these documents in their entirety as they answer many questions.